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cgiAdd 'drafts/adding-value.php'Adam T. Carpenter2 years
makefinished CV 1.0, added some infoAdam T. Carpenter3 years
masterfeat: two new cps rusts and update now, projectsAdam T. Carpenter5 months
routingchore: organize pages and use router/renderer, organize assets53hornet24 months
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2023-07-18feat: two new cps rusts and update now, projectsHEADmasterAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-12post: ttt codewarsAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-11feat: include projectsAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-11feat: add now page, include in nav and index, and add pic to infoAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-09fix: iframe tag incomplete borks phpAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-09feat: release more youtube postsAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-09fix: simplify and fix up draft generatorAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-09fix: cleanup, simplify footer and iconsAdam T. Carpenter
2023-05-09feat: simplify with bottom navAdam T. Carpenter
2023-04-15feat:: new youtube vidsAdam T. Carpenter