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cgiAdd 'drafts/adding-value.php'Adam T. Carpenter15 months
makefinished CV 1.0, added some infoAdam T. Carpenter19 months
masterfix: iframesAdam T. Carpenter5 weeks
routingchore: organize pages and use router/renderer, organize assets53hornet12 months
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2022-10-20fix: iframesHEADmasterAdam T. Carpenter
2022-10-20fix: iframesAdam T. Carpenter
2022-10-20fix: space to -Adam T. Carpenter
2022-10-20fix: md to phpAdam T. Carpenter
2022-10-20post: airshipsAdam T. Carpenter
2022-10-19fix: robots.txtAdam T. Carpenter
2022-09-26fix: default deny for crawlers, allow index onlyAdam T. Carpenter
2022-04-21feat: disable hireme add video shareAdam T. Carpenter
2022-01-18feat: add some drafts53hornet
2022-01-18fix: update git url for cgit53hornet