53hornet/dotfilesGotta have my dots? 43 hours
53hornet/53horSource for 3 days
53hornet/carpentertutoringSource for 6 days
macon-bastille/basePersonal base Bastille template 10 days
macon-bastille/carpentertutoringPersonal Bastille template 5 months
macon-bastille/theuniversityedgeUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 6 months
53hornet/theuniversityedgeThe WWW pages of 6 months
macon-bastille/rssSimple rss2email bastille jail 6 months
macon-bastille/navidromeBastille jail template for Navidrome music streamer. 6 months
macon-bastille/transcoderUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 6 months
53hornet/scriptsMy personal scripts for all kinds of things 7 months
53hornet/twinhA self-hosted classic car parts catalog and cross-reference tool 8 months
adpllc/altruistic-angelsharkThis project makes automating over one or more Communication Managers easier via...8 months
macon-bastille/cgitPersonal cgit Bastille template 8 months
macon-bastille/wwwPersonal Bastille template 9 months
53hornet/fortune-pitA simple, fortune(6)-friendly SSH tarpit 11 months
macon-bastille/calibrePersonal calibre Bastille template 12 months
53hornet/rexdumpRudimentary hexdump in Rust 14 months
53hornet/titlerRudimentary title-case text processor 19 months
macon-bastille/theglassyladiesPersonal Bastille template 20 months
macon-bastille/pkgPersonal FreeBSD package repository index Bastille template 20 months
macon-bastille/nextcloudPersonal Nextcloud Bastille template 20 months
macon-bastille/giteaPersonal gitea Bastille template 20 months
53hornet/theglassyladiesSource for 20 months
53hornet/md-siteMy old-old markdown site 20 months
53hornet/learning-rustExercises from the Rust Book and Manning Rust 20 months
53hornet/learning-cExercises from K&R C 20 months
53hornet/csci454CSCI454 @ 20 months
53hornet/csci427CSCI427 @ 20 months
53hornet/csci424CSCI424 @ 20 months
53hornet/csci415CSCI415 @ 20 months
53hornet/csci303CSCI303 @ 20 months
53hornet/cobalt-siteMy old statically-generated site 20 months
53hornet/aoc20202020 Advent of Code Day 1 in CBM Basic 20 months