BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devfixed images that were rotated with exif tags not displaying rotatedAdam T. Carpenter23 months
masterdisable default features for diesel; reduce dependsAdam T. Carpenter22 months
refreshfeat: more basic data structures and some orderingAdam T. Carpenter4 weeks
ssrfeat: reset button read config start db pool and launch axum serverAdam T. Carpenter7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-30disable default features for diesel; reduce dependsHEADmasterAdam T. Carpenter
2021-01-08we don't actually use cookiesAdam T. Carpenter
2021-01-04more searching improvements; much faster nowAdam T. Carpenter
2021-01-04attempted to speed up search with typing delayAdam T. Carpenter
2021-01-04sped up searching by only searching product fields that matter, cleanedAdam T. Carpenter
2020-12-28only dollar amounts can be inserted (request), backend still stores asAdam T. Carpenter
2020-12-28fixed navbar weirdness on mobileAdam T. Carpenter
2020-12-28fixed images that were rotated with exif tags not displaying rotateddevAdam T. Carpenter
2020-12-27moved more deploy-specific data to config, finalized login processAdam T. Carpenter
2020-12-27Added care, privacy, faq, fixed custom order temporarily, fixed siteAdam T. Carpenter