BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cgifeat: experimental cgi fork53hornet22 months
enhancement/2finally committed to structopt arg parsingAdam T. Carpenter3 years
masterchore: pre-ripping-apart53hornet23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-01chore: pre-ripping-apartHEADmaster53hornet
2021-05-14finalized responsive design, sidebar, and show/hideAdam T. Carpenter
2021-05-09fixed login given new templateAdam T. Carpenter
2021-05-04fixed templates to use flexbox and default to mobile viewAdam T. Carpenter
2021-04-29fixed up config and loggingAdam T. Carpenter
2021-04-28finally committed to structopt arg parsingenhancement/2Adam T. Carpenter
2021-04-15split config into modules that actually need it, started parsing argsAdam T. Carpenter
2021-04-09better startup configurationAdam T. Carpenter
2021-04-09spruced up templates, some repo implAdam T. Carpenter
2021-04-07added some demo login template, functionality, also added basic kv store test...Adam T. Carpenter